MANASA Life Sciences is a research based company providing synthetic, medicinal chemistry and analytical research solutions to the pharmaceutical industries at various platforms. MANASA produces the API impurities and intermediates, new chemical products and fine chemicals. We, at MANASA, also provide analytical services for API and formulations.

We are committed for quality research products/delivery of services to comply with your projects needs in a timely, confidential and cost-effective manner. We strongly believe that developing long-term relationship with our client should be prioritized ahead of short-term goal. Our goal is to become a value-added R & D support and material supplier organization for all our clients.


Manasa Life Sciences is a well-informed, well-versed, highly competent, promptly executing, competitive sourcing body. We, MANASA, form an integral part of the global chemical industry. MANASA Life Sciences has been established with the purpose of serving the ever-growing pharmaceutical market.


Manasa Life Sciences formed in  2017, provides for manufacturing of impurities & metabolites of API’s, fine chemicals, custom molecules, Technical Consultancy services to the Pharmaceutical companies, Contract Manufacturing and Trading chemical Substances, Intermediates and other key raw materials.


MANASA Life Sciences provides fine chemicals, rare and research chemicals and starting materials for customer needs. We have been investing in state of the art laboratory and manufacturing infrastructure. We supply the chemicals of high quality and produce them in small scale and large scale.


MANAS provides new chemical molecules including Custom Synthesis, Process R&D, Scale Up and intermediates for new chemical moieties. Manasa has established its core competency in cyanation and heterocyclic chemistry, including pyrimidines, quinolones, thiazoles, and imidazoles.

R & D

Our expertise includes the efficient synthesis of high quality, complex organic molecules in the mg to Kg scale. Our Scientists and chemists possess a rich experience in synthetic organic chemistry and in the synthesis of a diverse range of high purity organic compounds.


We offer a broad range of analytical services for complex research needs. We perform method development, validate and transfer methods for pharmaceutical and neutraceutical products. We also perform stability storage and analytical testing. Our team is capable of providing documentation support for customer needs.

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