Our expertise includes the efficient synthesis of high quality, complex organic molecules in the mg to Kg scale. Our Scientists and chemists possess a rich experience in synthetic organic chemistry and in the synthesis of a diverse range of high purity organic compounds. We maintain confidentiality. Our dedicated scientific team is ready to accept very challenging projects to innovate the route of synthesis.

  • Manasa team can handle new chemical entities and multi-step synthesis.
  • Our team of experts in R&D  find simple and novel solutions to critical complex challenges in synthetic chemistry.
  • Expertise in Heterocyclic Chemistry.
    Organ metallic Reagents – Catalytic Hydrogenation – Hydrogenolysis – Dehydrogenation.
  • Dedicated team for impurities synthesis, Characterization and certification.
  • Chiral Chemistry – Asymmetric molecules synthesis by resolutions.
  • We offer a wide range of services for synthesis,
    • Route of synthesis- optimization and validation
    • Custom research and manufacturing process
    • Scale-up & optimization
    • Quantity: 1 gm to 1000 kgs
    • Manufacturing services on commercial scales
    • Multi step advanced intermediates for API’s
    • Analytical method development and validation
    • Impurity profiling
  • Synthesis of Heterocyclic compounds and their derivatives
  •  Amino acids including unnatural bicyclic amino acids